Student Union

Apart from studying at Ghana Christian University College, one has an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a large University whilst belonging to a Community. In Ghana Christian University College (GhanaCU), community living is an essential core of our life. GhanaCU believes that in addition to enriching the curriculum, it also has to enrich students' life. This is made possible in an environment where the University Body is divided into 'Communities'. This collegiate system is a major part of the GhanaCU experience and all staff (academic and non-academic) and students are members of both the University and a Community of their choice. 

Community membership is a lifetime affair. Annual Community Festivals bring alumni from all over the world to focus on the employability of Community members, scholarship awards, honorary awards and recognition for outstanding contributions, business incubation, University ratings, endowment fund, etc.

For now, the University is composed of three 'Communities' which are not teaching bodies, neither are they residential. Each Community comprises junior members (students) and senior members (academic, senior administrative and professional staff). They foster interdisciplinary contact among staff, postgraduate and undergraduate students, and provide a social network for every section of student Community. This is aimed at achieving the universities core values, especially "unity" (social, spiritual and intellectual). Without life within the Communities the benefits of the University's education will be more restricted to the acquisition of knowledge.

About the Students' Union

The students' body is known as: THE GHANACU STUDENTS' UNION (GSU).

The Union is guided by its constitution, which is known as: THE FINAL VOICE OF GSU.

Functions of GSU

  • GSU shall represent all within the University's governance structure and shall campaign on issues relating to the Citizens.
  • GSU shall provide a wide range of services to Citizens including an effective and confidential welfare service on legal, financial, academic and personal matters.
  • GSU shall facilitate the effective operation of Communities and registered Clubs that give Citizens the opportunity to join with others who share their interests.
  • It shall keep up-to-date information on the various Communities and Clubs for National Student Groups.


  • All students of the University are automatically members of GhanaCU Students' Union (GSU).
  • All alumni shall automatically be inactively part of the Union.
  • All members are referred to as CITIZENS.