Programme Overview

The National Accreditation Board (NAB) in 1998 accredited Ghana Christian University College to offer courses leading to the award of certificates, diplomas, and degrees. Ghana Christian University College has since 1998 taken steps to introduce Bachelor Degree Programmes in Accounting, Public Health etc. and now introducing BSc in Business Administration with options in Accounting, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Management, Banking and Finance among others in order to meet the growing demands of the fast changing and ever expanding economy. The programmes are well-rounded, thorough, rigorous and practical-oriented and relevant to national, continental and global development. Each programme curriculum covers a wide range of academic and professional disciplines that prepare students to meet the demands of a continually changing global economy. It also deals with the complex human and technological dynamics that form the core of today’s global technological age.

(ii) Aims of the Programme

The knowledge and understanding of the human resources of an organization is pivotal to that organization’s success, irrespective of its size, industry and profit motive. The focus of human resources is to understand people, their needs and desires, relationships and interactions, thereby enabling organizations to be effective and to achieve and maintain an optimum level of efficiency. GCUC BSc in Human Resource Management is designed to offer students the opportunity to examine and explore a combination of core concepts and methods covering the theory, principles and practices of human resource management. It seeks to provide an in-depth study of HRM using a combination of economic, political, psychological and sociological approaches; present the fundamentals of managing people alongside the industry functions of organizations; facilitate an understanding and awareness of current issues of human resource management in the modern economy; and promote and foster a range of professional transferrable interpersonal, communication, leadership and team building skills.

Senior Secondary School Certificate: Passes in core English, core Mathematics, core Science and three elective subjects, with an aggregate score of 24 or better in the West African Examination Council (WAEC) or with an aggregate score of 36 or better in the West African Senior Secondary School Certificate Examinations (WASSCE). All passes must be at grade D (SSSCE) or grade C6 (WASSCE) or better.

General Certificate of Education: An applicant must have at least credit-level passes in 5 subjects (including English Language and Mathematics) at the GCE Ordinary Level and at least 2 passes at the GCE Advanced Level. One of the advanced level passes must be grade ‘D’ or better. A pass in General Paper must also be obtained.

Professional Qualifications: Diploma in Business Studies (DBS) with at least 3 Credits and 2 passes awarded by the Technical Examination Unit of GES. Other qualifications such as Private Secretary, Bilingual Secretaryship may be considered.

Mature Student’s: Applicants without formal academic qualifications may be considered for admission if they are above 25 years old and have demonstrable relevant professional experience. Mature applications for the BSc in Banking & Finance programme must be at least 27 years before the academic year starts. Applicants will also be required to pass an entrance examination and / or an interview.

Foreign Students Requirements: 

Foreign students with qualifications equivalent to those above may be considered for admission. They would be required to show evidence of proficiency in English Language and to go through a screening and selection interview. They would be required to have their result slips translated into English if it is not already in English.

Course Schedule

Semester One

Code Subject Theory Practical Credit
GCCS101 3 0 3
GCCS103 2 1 3
GCCS105 3 0 3
GCCS107 2 0 3
GCCS109 3 1 3

Semester Two

Code Subject Theory Practical Credit
GCCS102 3 1 3
GCCS104 3 0 3
GCCS106 3 0 3
GCCS108 3 0 3
GCCS112 3 0 3
GCU1201 3 0 3